«Hayacq» Company presents a new platform for being competitive on the advertising market. Our aim is to present the advertising market in one single field that will help you reach out your information to the largest target groups possible. By taking our opportunities and planning your advertising campaign in a right way, you will feel its effectiveness that will promote your business. Our competent and skilled professionals will develop and carry out unique PR campaigns for your organization that will make it much more recognizable to the public thanks to great reputation and confidence. When developing the prices and packages of ‘Hayacq’ Production, we took into account the price policies of both large, and small and medium companies. We also offer a very convenient system of regular discounts and bonuses by giving our permanent advertisers one more opportunity to attract new visitors and clients.

It is not difficult to create an ad, it is difficult to create an effective ad. Today, given the abundance of advertisements, one should be able to create a different offer that will stir up interest and capture attention and this is a real art calling for great experience and skills.



Whenever a company succeeds in demonstrating all the features of its service or product distinctive from all the other features and services and its excellent job …


Internet marketing: this is a great advertising opportunity that can include search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO),…

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Focus on the behavioral factors of the target audience. Add the search direction through the website by localizing the links among the key sections, site web page text…

If you are rejected 97 times out of 100, it means that your business is developing and you are on the right path since as many as 3 people have already agreed with you.
Dr. Arayik Voskanyan

Dr. Arayik Voskanyan

Dr. Arsen Sargsyan

Dr. Arsen Sargsyan




Elit-Med Medical Center


Pantera Security





Mayer Plast

Mayer Plast

Success is a game; the more you play, the more you win and the more you win, the more your game succeeds.


Internet Marketing /Facebook Page Creation and Management/

Today, advertising agents and industry professionals strive to have a maximum clearly targeted audience on the Internet and particularly on Facebook to make their advertising campaigns effective.

Video and Photo Shoot and Editing

Once you wish to create a film about your organization, you probably seek a company that will take care of everything.

Website Creation

If only a few years ago business website was considered a luxury of formal nature, today it is a must. Especially in the business sector, availability of a website is an essential tool to boost a business. Therefore, ‘Hayacq’ Company offers website development starting from the simplest catalog websites to major Internet portals and stores.

TV, Radio, Internet Advertising / Preparation and Installation /

Throughout the years of its activity, our Company has provided high-quality services and we are currently keeping abreast of the times.

E-mail Marketing

For business, e-mail marketing ranges among effective tools making it possible for you to build a direct connection between your brand and a potential or existing client.

SMS Advertising

SMS marketing in itself is the fastest and the most accessible type of notification or advertising as only in a few seconds your clients can receive on their mobiles an SMS message on behalf of your organization and learn its content.

Mobile Advertising on Buses

We offer advertising platforms on urban buses, minibuses and taxis. Through our offer, your Company’s or brand’s ad/offer will be visible and accessible 24/7 anywhere in the city.

Graphic Design

Today, advertising agents and industry professionals strive to have a maximum clearly targeted audience on the Internet and particularly on Facebook to make their advertising campaigns effective.


We offer printing in any size and volume to meet all your wishes and requirements. High quality is guaranteed.

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Those brainless are used to stealing and assert themselves by doing so. They will succeed in convincing themselves, but people around them are not so stupid.



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